Cathy Mazak

So you’ve jumped on this runaway train called the academic life. You are pulled in ten directions at once. You need to write. You need to publish. You need to focus. But you also need to be YOU. (What happened to you, anyway?)

You’re not alone. Everyone in academia has felt this way (even if they’d never admit it). Let me assure you: There is a way to do academia without losing your mind (and yourself!).

Most academics feel that if they could just get their publishing under control, they could finally come up for air. After all, if you could get those couple of articles written off your dissertation, or finish that edited volume finally, you would have the confidence to face the job market. Tenure review. That blinking cursor.

I’m Cathy Mazak, and it’s my passion to mentor brilliant academics (yes, I’m talking to YOU) to publish more. After 15+ years in academia, I started this page to help you develop your writing, your focus, your balance so you can have the career (and life) you want.

I don’t believe that academia should be soul-sucking. I don’t want you to publish more just to publish more. I want you to publish more because I believe that your unique, once-ever-on-earth perspective on your field must be heard. I want to show you a way to do this without sacrificing everything that makes you YOU. Without working until you collapse. Without being crippled by guilt about all the writing you think you should be doing. If I can show you how to write more while cultivating–dare I say it?–joy in your work, and passion for your field, and the excitement created by all the neurons firing over why you got into this crazy gig anyway, then we can change academia into a better place for everybody to thrive.

We’re tackling all that stuff they never taught you in grad school. All the things I learned baptism-by-fire style: I’m breaking them down for you, step-by-step (don’t tell Reviewer #2!). How to write for publication? How to balance your career with your real actual life? How to manage the ten gazillion things on your to-do list with focus and determination? Yep. That’s what I’m teaching here. Take a deep breath. I got you. 😉

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