Hey you,

I know that if you’ve landed on this page that you have a lot on your plate. So first, thank you for reading this.

It’s extremely hard to be a female academic—and even harder to be a mother on top of it. To say that your to-do list is long would be a severe understatement. And I know that being an academic isn’t just a job to you. It’s your passion; it’s your mission; it’s your calling. Not to say that being a mom isn’t amazing—of course it is!—but that’s not the only thing that defines you.

The world of academia is, let’s admit it, harsh and unforgiving. The pressure to perform is intense. Imposter syndrome is real. Mom guilt is also real. Having to prove yourself at a higher standard among a sea of male colleagues is real. The pressure can be debilitating.

I know because I was there. I was riding pretty high out of my PhD program: a Spencer Dissertation Fellowship, right into a tenure track job, some wonderful book chapters under my belt. But the first year of being an assistant prof was bewildering. I submitted chapters from my diss turned into articles only to be rejected. Endless revise and resubmits.

I discovered that there were parts of my new “dream” job that I actually hated, and that grad school did not prepare me to publish in peer-reviewed journals. It was horrible, right when I thought everything was supposed to get easier (it had to be easier than getting a PhD, right?).

So I’ve been there. And it took me a while but I figured it out. I mastered the genre of the journal article. The book proposal. The grant proposal. Maternity leave, momming, and being a woman, too. Now I have tenure, am full professor, have three kiddos, two books and plenty of journal articles. And the best part is I’m happy, and (usually) balanced. 😉

One-on-One Academic Coaching for Women

(especially moms)

I started this business because I truly believe that we need to hear more female voices in academia. Also I believe that women deserve to be academics without all the soul-sucking guilt. We deserve to not only survive but thrive, not only for us but for the generations of future female academics that we mentor.

It’s not weakness to ask for help. We’re in this together and we’ll get through this and learn together. If you’re reading this, you are at least entertaining the idea of getting help. I congratulate you, because in academia we’re supposed to be the lone scholar burning the midnight oil. But as women, we need to start doing it our way, and that means by leaning on each other, propping each other up, and learning from each other.

If you are ready to learn more about how I can help you:

Find time to write

Publish more

Manage your time

Shape your academic brand (and future)…

Then click the button to schedule a free consultation and see if we are a good fit for each other. No pressure, no obligation. Just me and you figuring out if we’re meant to be. 😉

Personalized Publication Plan

  • One 90-minute planning session (via Skype)
  • An additional 15-minute Skype session midway through your plan
  • Weekly check-in accountability emails (until the end of your plan)
  • Establish a publishing pipeline, and get your work out there!

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