Stalled out trying to write more when you have so many balls in the air?

Have a million things on your to-do list, and writing keeps falling to the bottom?

As academics, we need to be project managers as well as scholars and educators.

You don’t need more time to write: you need to learn how to look at your writing like a project manager.

Writing Strategy Sessions are two one-on-one calls with me where we deep dive into your writing projects. Using Trello (an easy-to-use, visual project management system), we list out all your writing projects, break them down into tasks, and schedule them out together. You’ll leave with your publication pipeline mapped out and a clear, doable plan of action. And better yet, you’ll have a system in place to keepmanaging your writing projects. No more writing-at-the-bottom-of-the-list!

As part of your Writing Strategy Sessions, I work one-on-one with your to craft your academic mission statement so all your project management has your true calling at heart. We make a clear plan for whenyou’ll be working on your writing–a plan that considers your individual responsibilities and time demands.

This intense one-on-one work is designed transform your writing practice. You can do this! I can help. 🙂

Before working with Cathy I dreaded writing and avoided the task, which led to guilt and affected how I felt about my work as a whole. Before I finished my first coaching block with Cathy I had an article submitted and two more planned out for my ‘pipeline’. My approach to writing and my attitude toward it underwent a complete transformation. Now, instead of dreading the task, I find myself looking for ways to carve out more time to write. With Cathy’s help I recognize the importance of small blocks of time, building on small successes, and scheduling time. Cathy seemed to really ‘get’ where I was at. She was warm and encouraging and provided specific, practical strategies that really made a difference for me. I’m tremendously grateful for her guidance and support and the change it has wrought in my life. 

Lynn Dempsey

Brock University

Here’s what we’ll do in our Writing Strategy Sessions:

  • Dig deep into your academic goals and articulate an academic mission statement
  • Learn how to use your academic mission statement to make decisions about your time, including how to take on new projects and when to say no
  • Develop a plan to manage your current workload, with an emphasis on finishing in-process writing projects and submitting them for publication
  • Strategically craft a publication pipeline
  • Learn how to manage your publication pipeline to avoid “blockages”—areas where writing projects stall out or get stuck
  • Overcome common writing blocks such as guilt, overwhelm, anxiety, and impostor syndrome

By the end of our Writing Strategy Sessions, you will be able to:

  • Divide writing projects into manageable chunks and schedule them out to completion
  • Select projects that are in line with your academic mission
  • Manage your time so that time-draining activities like email and meetings are corralled and your writing gets the time and energy it deserves
  • Publish more because you are in control of your writing and have a clear direction for your career

Writing Strategy Sessions: $499, payable upon booking

Session 1: 90 minute deep-dive

Session 2: 30-minute follow-up

BONUS: 15 minute accountability call

The Writing Strategy Session includes access to me via email to help and support you as you implement your new writing project management system

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