When you’re pulled in a thousand directions, your writing suffers.

With so many urgent tasks sucking away your time (and energy), the week goes by and you feel like you didn’t get anything done.

Writing falls to the bottom of the list…again.

There are many obstacles to writing more: teaching, meetings, the guilt of stalled-out projects, the voice in your head that sounds a heck of a lot like reviewer #2.

You know you need to write more, but you’re not sure how to start.

Put writing at the center of your career and everything else falls into place.

Imagine a career where you could:

Feel confident, calm, and collected.

Leave work at work.

Pre-plan your writing, be consistent, and forgive yourself for getting off plan.

Find purpose and alignment in all of your academic endeavors.

Know exactly what project to work on next.

Finish the writing projects that you start, and submit them for publication.

Enter: The Write More Workshop

The one day live event held on July 17 in Philadelphia that helps you put writing at the center of your career (where it belongs). You’ll leave with the tools, mindset, and work plan to make lasting change to your academic writing practice.

Hi, I’m Cathy Mazak, and it’s my passion to mentor brilliant academic women to publish more. It took me a while (and the birth of my first kiddo) to figure out how to manage my academic life so that I not only published more, but enjoyed it. After figuring this out myself, and teaching others through one-on-one coaching, I’ve created The Write More Workshop to teach you how to do it, too.

When I got my first tenure track job, I was so happy. Dream job! I’ve finally made it! It didn’t take me long to realize that the struggle was just beginning. How was I supposed to research and publish with the gazillion other things I was also expected to do? And even though I had a great advisor, she wasn’t there by my side to answer all my questions. So I had to learn how to get it all done baptism-by-fire style.

But I truly believe that you shouldn’t have to go through that struggle. That’s why I developed The Write More Workshop.

I’m a tenured professor with three kids, two edited volumes, and a bunch of academic articles (including my latest one in Anthropology and Education Quarterly–so excited about that!). I have a PhD in Critical Studies in the Teaching of English from Michigan State University and I’m currently a tenured full professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, where I teach undergraduate courses in linguistics and direct the graduate program in the Department of English.

What others are saying about working with Cathy…

“I really feel like I have not just tools for getting my important work done but a sense of empowerment and perspective about what matters TO ME.”

Elizabeth Haswell

Washington University St. Louis

“I don’t think I have felt better about my work in years.”

Lena Struwe

Rutgers University

“My approach to writing and my attitude toward it underwent a complete transformation. Now, instead of dreading the task, I find myself looking for ways to carve out more time to write.”

Lynn Dempsey

Brock University

“Working with Cathy is truly inspiring.  Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious.”

Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle

The College of New Jersey

You’re invited…

What: The Write More Workshop

When: July 17, 2018, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Where: Convene Circa Centre, 2929 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA, 19104 (on top of 30th Street Station)

Convene Conference Center

You'll leave the workshop with:

Writing at the center

-A clear plan for how to fit more writing into your semester (even if right now you think that’s impossible)

-The mindset necessary to center your writing, and practical plan of actionable activities to do so

-Your personalized writing system, mapped onto your fall semester calendar

-Your publication pipeline, adapted to your field of study, and planned out so that you can see everything all in one place–and you know the next steps to take

-A warm fuzzy feeling because you finally know you’re not alone, and you’ve met other brilliant academic women (just like you) who are trying to get their voice heard in their fields

What's included?

-Breakfast, lunch, #allthecoffee, snacks

-Your personalized workbook

-Networking and bonding with academic women like you

Early bird pricing ends February 28th!








Refund Policy

Because this is a live event, once you register I can’t offer a refund. However, if there is a waitlist and someone wants your spot, I can facilitate you selling your ticket to that person.

Being on top of your writing game means more publications

Let’s get real: can you really keep up the pace you’re going at now? Is this how you imagined your career would feel, after busting your butt during your PhD? I didn’t think so.

The longer you wait before you take control of your career the bigger the snowball of stuff you have to do gets. And this has a real cost for you: an actual monetary cost (tenure and promotion) and an emotional one as well.

I'm ready to take control of my career

Who is this workshop for?

This is a workshop for academic women who have graduated from their doctoral programs. You can be at any stage of your career.

Is this workshop for graduate students?

No. I love you, though, so if you would like a workshop on writing and publishing during graduate school, I’d love to hear that. Please send me an email at cathy@cathymazak.com and let me know! Then I can create something for graduate students that will meet your specific needs. 🙂

Have more questions about The Write More Workshop?  Email me at cathy@cathymazak.com!

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